Terms & Conditions

General Information

All our products are custom made, and can't be ordered directly online as they need to be produced for the exact measurements of the buyer.
The prices and the materials used for our products might be changed as availability and fabrics sources might vary over time.
The availability of our products is heavily dependent of our suppliers so we can't guarantee the availability until the order is actually processed.

Ordering process

Orders can be placed by phone or facebook messenger.
In the order the buyer will specify and agree to colours, materials and eventually price for the ordered product.
The buyer will be contacted by our customer service for more information and to agree on all required matters for the product to be made.(it might take a couple of days and some in person meetings to change as required/complete all details)
When everything is agreed upon, the production will actually start, and the ordered item will subsequently be delivered to the buyer as agreed.
At any time during the process we might refuse the order, and inform the buyer we can't proceed with his order without further explanations.


All elements (images, texts, graphic symbols) present on this website require written permission to be used elsewhere.

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